Elu Clips - Elastic Belts

Elu Clips are a multi size adjustable 1-inch wide belt for all ages, from babies up to adults. They easily adjusts for multiple sizes and different types of pants.
And since they attach to the front loops rather than just the three back looks, the extra fabric of the pants is evenly distributed rather than bunched up in the back.
They are so simple to use you will ask yourself how you ever lived without one!

Simply attach the belt to the first loop of your pants and snap the buttons. Then thread the other end of the Elu Clips through the belt loops like any other belt. When you get to the end, attach to the last loop just like the first and you are done!
No belt buckles to mess with! Once attached, they don't have to be removed to take off your pants, making them perfect for kids, the elderly, or anyone who just doesn't like to deal with the hassle of regular belts.

They can even be washed if you forget to take them out before putting the pants in the laundry. The plastic snaps are extremely secure and won't harm your washer.
Geometric, Camouflage, Animal Prints