Eluandas' main focus is to provide you the ability to personalize any item to your own vision.
Nothing you will find here is mass produced, and every single item is a one of a kind handmade treasure.
You have endless possibilities to personalize my products with color choices, embroidery choices, sizes, etc. Some items are made with vintage fabric, and once they are sold, they cannot be reproduced. Others use newer materials, and might be available in multiples, but be assured, each item will still be crafted by me to your specifications.

I welcome many different types of custom orders. My favorite would probably be custom embroidery designs, especially for other small businesses, logos, special t-shirt designs, etc. Any way that I can make a dream or vision of yours come true is a fun challenge for me.
I love to receive custom requests for variations to my regular products as well, if you need something larger, smaller, different color, fabric, etc, get in touch with me and we'll see what's possible.